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word [17 Dec 2004|04:53pm]
Finished 11th out of 27. Not as good as I wanted. Fuck it.

Going out to night with all the guys, and the one girl, from the class. We should get pretty fucked up. Looking forward to it, I haven't gone out with cool people since I got here. Most of the other guys from my company (aka not the class) suck.

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just a special reminder [25 Dec 2003|12:31am]
after my few brief unprotected post, im sorry to say my journal has AIDS and SARS. due to its short life expectancy, it will be seeing FRIENDS ONLY from now on.

the guest list is final, but if you feel you have been wrongfully excluded, leave a comment and i may or may not give a fuck. at the journals discretion* of course.

*correcting my spelling is a wonderfull way to never view another entry of mine again. please, think im kidding. :)
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hmmm [24 Dec 2003|01:27am]
so me and the ex hung out tonight. twas a good time. just drove around and talked. went up to cafe stratos and ate breakfast, it was sooo good, i was a happy mother fucker.

did a lot of driving and talking. i ended up letting her drive and she did pretty well, for my car anyway. i love my car by the way :)

ended up parked some place listening to the old brand new cd and talking. fully reclined seats, laying back just chilling and talking. a lot of interesting things were discussed, including this journal, cause she is shaddy like that.

anyway, prolly gonna hang out with her again after xmas and stuff. she is a-ok. for an ex. ;)

you best reply, you know who you are!
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GOOOOOD MORNING MOTHER-FUCKERS!!!!!!!!! [14 Dec 2003|09:30am]
To all you little protestors that wanted another vietnam. to everyone who walked out of there school and said this was all about oil. to every democrate saying president bush had no idea what he was doing. to everyone who showed no love to the troops overseas fighting for peace.


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try this on [21 Nov 2003|09:25am]
********** ************* ************* *****************

Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously. Anything.
A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like.
Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.
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[11 Oct 2003|09:06pm]
im bored and bought a fucking paid lj thingy type thing. so now i can fuck with all the settings and shit.

someone help, im fucking computer retarded, rach, holly or one of you artsy types need to hook me up. let me know if you guys can/want to.
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one-two FUCK You! [27 Sep 2003|09:26am]
The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment3.23%
You have one or two loyal pals on LJ... But you probably have better things to do with your time.
You fill out forms at work - why should you fill them out for fun?
Original Content40.32%
Some stories must be told - and you're the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient4.82%
Warning: Can Flame When Necessary
Attention Whoring9.09%
Low-key and lovin' it
gimme a drink!

[18 Sep 2003|02:14pm]
i deleted a lot of you from my friends list. i dont much care to read most of the shit you write about anyway, or i dont really talk to you anymore anyway, so i figuered i might as well.

this is gonna be friends only again after this entry, so if you for some reason really want to be on my friends list, comment and let me know.


didnt think so
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[18 Sep 2003|06:56am]
i just finished watching donnie darko for the first time. that movie is really fucked up, and haunting. i love it. got the end theme song stuck in my head, which an old friend of mine once put on a mix cd for me, but we lost touch cause im a jackass, but thats another story.

good movie

maybe i feel like going into something here. the last thing i want to do is be emo. im so anti-emo it hurts. haha, its fuckin crazy. i just cant stand being around people all the time. can you imagin if you spent the last 7 months of your life constantly around other people, never more than 5 feet away from someone else, for the most part. even when you sleep, there are still 17 other beds and a person for each of them going in and out of the area at all times. its not like a big area either, the aisle i live in is about 2 feet wide and has 6 coloumns of triple bunk beds. tiny. basically, im sick of being around all these people. i just want some time to myself, seriously, its been way too long.

fuck it. 33 days left.
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[27 Jul 2003|07:11am]
michael is the #4 most common male name.
2.629% of men in the US are named michael.
Around 3220525 US men are named michael!
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mrowca is a very rare last name.
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Be proud of your unique last name!
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